Steven Weiss

Developer/Technology Enthusiast.

Exciting Information

I'm a web developer based in New York, working primarily in Ruby, Rails and Javascript.  My skills include

  • Ruby
  • Javascript
  • Rails
  • jQuery
  • Backbone
  • HTML
  • CSS

When not coding away, I love all things related to food and music, and have been refered to as an offline restaurant search engine.  

On The Side

A curated list of super trendy apps and side dishes, searchable by neighborhood. Built in Rails using the Istagram, Foursquare, and Google Static Maps API's.


A music sequencer, built mainly in Javascript (and jQuery) via Rails. Designed out of a love for vintage drum machines, jSequencer follows the classic step sequencer pattern.  Select some sounds, a tempo, and which steps to play...and suddenly all electronic, hip hop, and modern pop music is born.  It's that simple.  Also the drum sounds are an TR808 sampled through a cassette deck.   

Screencast, Original Music, and Voice Over!